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The Prostate Cancer Center of Seattle is closing.

Peter Douglas Grimm, D.O.

July 17, 1952 – February 20, 2016

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The Prostate Cancer Center of Seattle is closed

We take our responsibility to provide you with your health records seriously. Please be assured that:

  • Your records are confidential and will be available for 7 years.
  • Your records can be forwarded to you by contacting:

Iron Mountain

19826 Russell Road
Kent, WA 98032
Phone:  253-518-6510
Fax:  253-872-6054


For your Brachytherapy follow-up care

Follow-up care

For your Brachytherapy follow-up care, please consult with your Urologist or Primary Care Physician. If you need a referral for a Brachytherapist we have provided a list of Dr. Grimm’s colleagues here


Question box

When considering a Brachytherapist, patients should ask:

  • How many cases have you done in total?
  • How many cases per year do you do now?
  • What method do you use?

An experienced Brachytherapist should have done at least 100

An experienced Brachytherapist should have done at least 100 cases and continue to do 25 per year to keep skills sharp. Finally, as the brachytherapist is likely to be following you for some time, you should assess on the initial consultation how comfortable you feel with this doctor.

In honor of Dr. Grimm

Dr. Grimm was the founder and director of the Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation which will continue to provide prostate cancer patients with information and treatment comparison. If you are in need of information or would like to make a memorial donation in Dr. Grimm’s honor, please click here: prostatecancerfree.org