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The Prostate Cancer Treatment Center Foundation was established in November 2010 to help prostate cancer patients by improving treatments through education and research.  One of the main challenges for patients is to synthesize a enormous amount of information and make it  understandable and useful in  their treatment decision.   The foundation major work is coordinating and supporting the  Prostate Cancer Results Study Group (PCRSG). The PCRSG efforts are directed to  evaluating the comparative effectiveness of modern prostate cancer treatments . The  task of the group is to find comparable studies and present Prostate Cancer control rates in an easily understandable form to interested parties.  This ongoing study is breaking new ground in a few different ways: 1) It is the first effort to present all of the data in one clear graphical form using the most sensitive tool for cancer control, PSA based results , 2) it is constantly being updated, and 3) it is sent every 6 months to a large network of patients, and physicians around the world.  This effort is unprecedented in medical literature.  We believe this work will be used as a standard reference for patients  and physicians and agencies  as a means  to determine appropriate options for prostate cancer therapy.  Our goal is simple: get the best and most comprehensive information to every patient with prostate cancer. A large number of men will make better choices , have better cancer control rates  and better quality of life as a result of this work. Since this is an ongoing study, as new research studies continue to be published, we need your help to continue the efforts of the PCRSG.

In addition, we have new protocols  for local recurrence after both radiation and brachytherapy. These focal therapies show early promise of being highly effective , minimally invasive with a low risk of complications. The foundation helps coordinate these studies.

With help, we can bring the latest information to patients when faced with their choices regarding treatment.  Information may be the most important aspect of curing a man’s life, and we want to provide that to him.

Mission Statement: To Further research and education about Prostate Cancer for patients, physicians, educators, private and public health care agencies, and others interested in finding a cure.

Foundation President- Peter D. Grimm, D.O.

Executive Director Fred Owen

Director of Development  Teresa Swenson

Vice President-EdwardWeber, M.D.

Board Director- Alex Hsi, M.D.

Research Coordinator- Lisa Grimm


There are several ways you can donate to the foundation:

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